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Asbestos Land Survey & Remediation

Current legislation on planning inside the United Kingdom is stringent. This has prompted a developing pattern of Redevelopment of Brownfield sites to release ‘old used land’ and promote new development/construction projects and encourage the progress of new infrastructure projects.

Until the mid 1980’s Asbestos was utilized as a typical building material in numerous industrial locales and building structures. Current enactment guarantees that Asbestos is expelled from building and structures and discarded in a correct manner.

Tragically a large portion of these notable structures were demolished in situ and demolition materials and materials from other destinations have been discarded in Brownfield areas which frequently hold asbestos holding materials and free filaments/fibres  inside the soil structure

Illegal asbestos Dumping

 Of most noteworthy concern are fortified and bonded materials which degrade over time and become loose and airborne.

Through ground examination works and investigation of information numerous Brownfield sites hold asbestos at a level over the Hazardous Waste threshold and lead to resulting exposure to hazard of staff/personnel/construction workers  and costly and time consuming  postponements to development ventures through unplanned remediation

Since the 1990’s quantitative systems utilizing polarized light microscopy have been introduced to measure the asbestos fibre content inside a soil sample. As of now, this procedure is utilized to classify the land’s order as Hazardous or Non-Hazardous to determine its future utilization in terms of planning and land allocation..

We help you evaluate the degree and scale of asbestos pollution through site examination, air checking, and quantitative asbestos analysis through UKAS  authorize research facilities and appraisals of risk of exposure.. Together with a Consultant driven methodology with the development  of specific project focussed remediation methods, site administration, validation and verification of remediation  works and guarantee of regulation compliance through the arranging, execution and administration of managed projects.

Site Remediation choices incorporate the utilization of topping layers, mechanical screening, soil washing and uncovering of soil esteemed to create unacceptable  concentrations  of  airborne asbestos and  resulting  safe transfer of hazardous /waste material.. These are regularly utilized in conjunction with safe arrangement of works amid deep excavations or major earth movements and piling exercise.

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