Asbestos Removal Residential Buildings



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Asbestos Residential.

A substantial number of structures in the UK hold asbestos materials, and a purchaser may have a few worries about whether a potential home could exhibit a danger to their well being, in most cases, the majority homes are not hazardous.

Removing asbestos materials from a home

In the event that it is resolved that asbestos materials are hazardous in a specific home, the mortgage holder will need to have the asbestos removed by a qualified tradesperson. The tradesperson must have the right training and equipment with the objective that they can remove the materials securely and with minimum disruption.

Owners or tenants of properties who are unsure about whether their property is safe can have an asbestos survey to decide if asbestos and more important in what quantity, is present in the Home.

It is not recommended that an occupant endeavours to remove asbestos materials themselves as they may not have the professional training required and as a result, put themselves, their family and friends at risk.

Multi Occupation properties.

Landlords’ Duties Regarding Asbestos

The proprietor of a tenanted property has a legal obligation to deal with the danger connected with any asbestos present in the property. Contingent upon the state of the asbestos, one or a number of the accompanying steps must be taken:

  • labeling the asbestos

  • sealing the asbestos

  • removing the asbestos

Great care should be taken while doing any work around asbestos.

Any work done on the asbestos that takes longer than 2 hours must be carried out by somebody who is authorized by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).